Skin Care Tips for the Fall

Skin Care Tips for the Fall

Autumn is in full swing, here’s the beginning of the Fall season, and that means a change in the weather and a change in your skin care routine. Here are some Skin Care Tips for the Fall.

As the weather becomes dryer and cooler, your skin will also dry out much quicker. And this is not a good thing.

It is strongly recommended that you start using moisturizers daily to keep your skin properly hydrated. Furthermore, you should avoid using heavy soap during your usual shower routine, opting to use a glycerine-based soap or a soap-free shower gel. These steps will help keep your skin healthy through the fall and winter months. Make the best use of these Fall Skin Care Tips.

We also recommended that you reassess your skin care routine. The drying effect of the cooler Fall air may effect your skin quality, turning oily skin to normal skin, and normal skin to dry skin. Adjusting your lotions and moisturizers will have enormous benefits for your skin.

In addition, it is recommended that you use an oil-based scrub for your exfoliating needs, such as out Sugar Scrub and Walnut Scrub. The natural oil base will help seal moisture in your skin, keeping it young and youthful, while simultaneously cleaning off the dead skin from the surface. It is a win-win situation.

One final tip that I have for you is that you should not forget your sunscreen. As it gets cooler in the Fall, people generally assume that the sun will no longer damage their skin. That is not true. The sun is still shining, and your skin is still absorbing those UV Rays, causing premature aging.

We hope these Skin Care Tips for the Fall were helpful for you!

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