About Us

Who We Are

Who we are as DSP Skin Care. In the search for the highest quality ingredients to create an amazing skin care routine, we discovered that a certain remote sea in the Middle East. This sea, known as the Dead Sea, was jam packed with high concentrations of beneficial minerals. We found that these minerals, when infused with creams and lotions, drastically improved the texture and radiance of skin, and that these specific minerals were not being utilized by the market to their full potential. So we decided to do something about. Thus, in 1996, DSP Skin Care Products was born with the goal of bringing the benefits of the Dead Sea straight to your home.

Our Market

Specializing in Latino skin care products, DSP’s client base includes vendors, wholesalers, and retailers, while maintaining a personal relationships with small family owned businesses. Our products services 80% of the Latino market in the state of California, and is steadily expanding its marketing to the rest of the Latino population in the United States. We are eager to invite any distributors or retailers to contact us and forge a professional relationship.

Our Mission

Our mission is to not only help you be your most beautiful, but also your most healthy.