Skin Lightening and You

Your skin is one of your most prominent connections to the world around you. Beautiful, toned skin and a glowing complexion tell the world that you live a healthy lifestyle and take good care of yourself. But, not everyone has their ideal complexion.

What determines skin color?

The amount of Melanin in your skin determines your skin’s color. Melanin is an essential element in your epidermis and is the natural pigment that determines the color and shade of your skin. In addition, it protects you from the harmful rays of the sun. The darker your skin is, the better your protection from harmful UV Rays and skin cancer.

Your heritage determines the amount of Melanin in your skin. The closer your ancestors were to the Equator, where the sun is the harshest, the darker your skin is. Similarly, the further north or south of the Equator your ancestors used to live, the lighter it would be.

Should I lighten my skin?

While all shades of skin are beautiful, there are some situations when it would make sense to lighten your skin tone.

In some cases, your skin tone may be blotchy and uneven. This makes some parts of the body to appear dark, and other parts to appear light. This condition, called Malasma, is caused by hormone changes and is typically out of the control of the individual. In addition, scarring or injury may darken your skin, causing it to become unevenly pigmented.

This uneven coloring may cause the individual to become self-conscious, and affect self-esteem. In this case, using a small amount of lightening cream on the darker skin can even out the skin tone and bring out the individual’s natural beauty, restoring their self-esteem and self-confidence.

Things to be careful about

If you decide that you would like to lighten your skin, make sure that you are using a safe Skin Brightening Cream. Do research about the ingredients in the product, and make sure that it is safe before using. It is important to see if the ingredient and concentration of any lightening agent is good for your skin type.

If you have received a sunburn, do not use a Lightening Cream to reduce the shade of your skin to its “normal” level.  Your skin is darkened when the the sun’s rays burn it, and it will fade naturally with time. Using a Lightening Cream will not undo the burn. Your fresh skin, which grows below the surface, may be unevenly affected by the lightening cream. The cream tries to go through thickened, dry skin, which causes your complexion to become uneven after your sunburn is over.

Do not overuse lightening products. The effects of lightening products build up over time, and if you consistently use it every day, you may cause damage to your skin. Try to limit your use of skin Lightening products to three weeks before taking a break. You will save money and keep your skin healthy, too.

Do not use Bleach to lighten your skin. Skin lightening is frequently called “Bleaching”, but there is no actual bleach involved in the process. Using actual Bleach will actually kill all the Melanin in your skin, and remove all your protection against the sun. In addition, the Bleach will burn your skin, and cause many other permanent health problems. Avoid it at all cost, and use a proper skin lightening cream instead.