Skin Care Budget Tips

Skin Care Budget Tips: Are Fancy Jars Worth a Higher Price Tag?

When you shop for skin care products in stores, you can probably tell which one costs more by the packaging. However, are products in Fancy Jars necessarily better? No. Here are some Skin Care Budget Tips.

As you have likely noticed, many of the fancier packages actually offer you less of the same product for a higher price.

Next time that you buy a cream or moisturizer in a shiny gold jar, think to yourself “Does the creams in the fancy jars do anything different from the cream in the simple plastic jar next to it? Are the ingredients different or special in any way?” Most of the time, the answer is “No.”

When shopping for a cream or lotion, take a look at the list of ingredients. The ingredients are listed in order such that the ingredient at the front is the most used ingredient in the formula, and the ingredient at the end is the lease used by volume. If the important ingredients are in both, and generally in the same order, then both the expensive and the bargain creams should function the same. And, if there is a different ingredient in there, does that ingredient actually make any difference in the end result?

So, next time that you are shopping for skin care products, ask yourself this. “Am I willing to pay twice as much for fancy jars?”. Take care of your skin without busting on your budget.

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