The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea

You have probably noticed the Dead Sea section in our website, and are wondering “What’s so special about it?”. Read on to learn about this unique and beneficial locale.

This unique body of water is world renowned for its natural health benefits.

The Dead Sea is located on the border of the African and Arabian tectonic plate. The Dead Sea is bordered in the east by Israel and Palestine, and to the west by Jordan. With its only incoming water source being the Jordan River coming from the Sea of Galilee, and no outgoing water sources (besides evaporation), the it is a self-contained ecosystem with very unique properties. Furthermore, it is one of the lowest points on the surface of the planet. So, as you can imagine the Dead Sea Benefits for your skin are great!

This exotic locale is renowned for its remarkably high level of salinity and uniquely mineral rich water. The high level of salt and minerals in the water not only prevents any fish from living in it, but also keeps plants and animals away.

However, it is this very fact that makes the this unique body of water so beneficial to humans. The inhospitably salty and mineral-rich nature of the sea works to kill bacteria. At the same time, it helps to heal joint, nasal, and skin problems. Simultaneously, the higher atmospheric pressure and reduced ultra-violet radiation, which are caused by the sea’s low elevation, make the Dead Sea the best place to go to treat skin problems.

Dead Sea Products

And, now, we are bringing those benefits to you. Our Mud Mask and Mud Soap bring the therapeutic and mineral rich healing power of the Dead Sea straight to the comforts of your home. Make use of the many beneficial minerals right in your home!

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