Skin Care Tips for the Winter

Skin Care Tips for the Winter

Winter is in full blast, with temperatures reaching record lows in places. With the change in the weather, it also means changes in your skin care routine. Here are some Skin Care Tips for the Winter.

First, and foremost, you need to moisturize more. You may have your favorite moisturizer that works wonders during the Summer. However, during Winter, it just does not perform the same. The solution to this problem is to switch to a moisturizer that is oil-based, instead of water-based. It will help keep your skin clear and moisturized in the harsh winter cold. This is an important Winter Skin Care Tip.

However, take care which oils are in your new moisturizer. It is important to pick a non-clogging oil, such as almond oil, primrose oil, avocado oil, or mineral oil. Avoid any moisturizers made with Shea Butter, because it clogs pores, and Vegetable Shortening, because it just sits on the surface and looks greasy. In addition, when picking your lotions, look for any that contain Humectants, such as Glycerine, Sorbitol, and Alpha-Hydroxy Acids, because they naturally attract moisture to your skin.

During Winter, the harsh conditions can be bad for your skin, especially the hands, which naturally have fewer oil glands, and thinner skin. It is important to wear gloves on colder days, to prevent your skin from becoming dry and itchy. If it is cold enough for wool gloves, you should wear thinner cotton gloves underneath, to protect your skin from any irritation that the wool could cause.

Furthermore, it is important that your gloves, as well as your socks, remain dry. In addition to causing general irritation, wet gloves and socks can cause itching, cracking, sores, and even eczema. By keeping your socks and gloves dry, you protect your skin, and help it look beautiful and vibrant.

Besides the dangers of moist socks, it is also important to protect your skin from harsh, dry winter sunlight. Because of the cold temperature, it can be easy to believe that the sun won’t cause any problems to your skin, but that is not the case. It is still broadcasting the same UV Rays, whether it is hot or cold. Coupled with glare caused by snow and ice, Winter sunlight can actually be more harmful to your skin than summer sun. Remember to apply sunscreen any time that the clouds decide to part.

Finally, I have one last tip for you. After a cold winter day, you may be tempted to take a nice hot bath or shower to wash away the cold. This is a bad idea for your skin. Steaming hot water actually breaks down the lipid barriers in your skin, making it dry out quickly. Instead of a long hot shower, aim for shorter warm one. It keeps your skin protected and, at the same time, the smaller difference in temperature between the water and the outside air makes it less unpleasant to step out after you are done.

We hope that these Skin Care Tips for the Winter are helpful for you!

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