Cleanliness is important. However, what you use to clean with is just as important as how often you clean. If you use the wrong type of soap, it can leave your skin dry and covered in film, rather than clean and vibrant. Yes, we are talking about Soap. Here are some Skin Care Tips related to one of the essentials of a daily skin care routine, Soap.

Types of Soaps


These are cleaning soaps. Detergents get grease and grime off of things like dishes and plates. Most kitchens have them. They are very harsh on your skin, and you will want to have minimal contact with it. Try to wear rubber gloves when you use them, and avoid direct contact with your skin, because it will dry it out and, with prolonged use, will leave your skin hard and cracked. As such, don’t use it to wash your hands.

Standard Bar Soaps

Most bar soaps that you find in stores. They are made by mixing an alkali (also know as lyes) with either a fat, such as tallow (cow fat) or lard (pig fat), or with certain vegetable oils, such as castor, rice, palm, or nut oils, in a special process called Saponification. These soaps are the standard ones that you will find in stores. They do an excellent job of lifting dirt and grime off. This makes them ideal if you just want to get rid of dirt.

However, the soap itself does not easily lift off of your skin and has a high pH balance. Therefore, the filmy residue that it leaves behind will irritate and dry out your skin, wreaking havoc with any carefully planned beauty routine. This is especially bad for individuals with dry skin

Glycerin Soaps

This variety of soap is one of the gentlest types available. Glycerin is made from either animal or plant matter, and it is typically used as an ingredient in most soaps for its superior cleaning properties. However, even by itself, Glycerin can clean away significant amounts of dirt. Due to the lack of additional harsh cleaning ingredients, Glycerin soaps don’t lather as well as typical soaps. However, they also don’t leave behind harsh irritants or dry out sensitive skin.

All of the soaps in our store, including the Acne Bar and the Oatmeal Soap, are Glycerin soaps.