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Meet the chemist behind all of your favorite skin care products

J. PRIMA LABORATORIES INC was founded in 1968 by a team of professional dermatologists, pathologists, and cosmetic chemists with a common goal of developing and creating a special and unique line of skin care products. Through very strict quality control and clinical trials, it was possible to create a vast array of products to treat Acne, Anti-aging, Atopy and various other skin related problems. We are constantly focused to deliver only professional products based on many years of knowledge and experience.

J. PRIMA LABORATORIES INC still remains true to its founding spirit to keep researching, studying, developing, and producing the highest quality products possible through the new advances in the industry for all the skin related issues and skin care. From our worldwide network supply chain through our private label system, our products have been delivered to a vast list of skin care companies, dermatologists, and other industry related businesses globally.

J. PRIMA LABORATORIES INC has continually contributed to the promotion of cosmeceuticals to dermatologists and skin care specialists, even in the chaotic period of worldwide pharmaceutical policy reforms. When some countries introduced separation of dispensary from medical practice, it developed pharmaceutically and cosmetically effective functional skin care products that turned the industry’s crisis into an opportunity.

J. PRIMA LABORATORIES INC owns more than 300 different trial-proven formulations to satisfy customers with higher standards for all skin types at very competitive prices. Through our private label system, we are able to deliver custom formulations for your needs. We can formulate, develop, test, and deliver the final product to you thanks to our qualified professionals and laboratories to conduct clinical trials and sample products.

J. PRIMA LABORATORIES INC also runs a special clinic center in California for the treatments of both acne and anti-aging. This clinic also offers a training center for licensed aestheticians and other skin care professionals for advanced-level theory and hands-on experience.

J. PRIMA LABORATORIES INC is proud of its long tradition to produce specialized products and build up special know-how. These efforts were recognized as the company received an award for excellence by the Aesthetic International Association. (A. I. A) in 1986.